Mission Statement


Global Health Initiative Foundation for:

Community, Research, Education, Access, Training and Empowerment.



Building strong communities locally and globally by working with local communities on strategic healthcare solutions and public health initiatives.


Advancing sustainable healthcare by conducting clinical research into medicinal cannabis and other nutritional medicines in targeted areas of need.


Enabling health and well being of individuals and communities by providing public education about medicinal cannabis, and more broadly, holistic approaches to health that include nutrition, exercise, and environmental factors.


Creating access to medicinal cannabis and other botanical compounds, through partnering with product providers and service organizations to provide greater healthcare to under-served regions around the world


Providing evidence-based training and certification in medicinal cannabis for medical practitioners, nurses, and allied healthcare practitioners via face-to-face and eLearning online training courses.


By lifting our communities together and living and promoting the values of self-respect and respect for others, we help build a strong foundation for a healthier world.