Healthcare Practitioner Training and Education

Medicinal Cannabis Education

Global Health Initiative provides face-to-face and online training for medical practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and herbalists in medicinal cannabis.


  • Face-to-Face Courses in Medicinal Cannabis: 1-2 day courses, evidence-based courses featuring interactive learning with top medicinal cannabis educator/clinicians from around the globe.
    • Online Courses in Medicinal Cannabis: Global Health Initiative works in collaboration with the Medical Cannabis Institute to provide convenient, comprehensive, evidence-based online training for healthcare professionals. 


    Medicinal Cannabis Masterclass: Cannabidiol, THC and Clinical Applications

    Brisbane 22-23 February 2020

    About the MasterClass


    ACNEM and Global Health Initiative Australia present this two-day medicinal cannabis prescribing masterclass aimed at doctors, nurses, pharmacists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners as well as other allied healthcare practitioners who want to be informed about medicinal cannabis, and in particular Cannabidiol (CBD). Currently only doctors and some nurses can prescribe medicinal cannabis, however all healthcare practitioners should understand this unique medicine as many of your patients are likely to be taking it, and regulations may change in the future. Topics include chronic pain, mental health (anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders), Multiple sclerosis, Osteoarthritis and more.

    The course is strongly focused on interactive case-based group learning, and features US-based medicinal cannabis expert, family physician (and retired Colonel) Dr Philip Blair MD and is supported by a host of Australian experts and doctors who are experienced in prescribing medicinal cannabis.  

    This masterclass will be capped at 50 registrants, so please register now to secure your place.

    Focus Areas of the Masterclass

    • Overview of Medicinal Cannabis
    • Scientific evidence base that supports Medicinial Cannabis
    • Pharmacology/pharmacokinetics and routes of administration
    • Differentiating between key phytocannabinoids cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), their therapeutic effects and applications.
    • Safety, drug interactions and how to prescribe it
    • How to prescribe medicinal cannabis under the Special Access Scheme and Authorised Prescriber Scheme (doctors)
    • Topics include chronic pain, mental health (anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders), Multiple sclerosis, Osteoarthritis and more.
    • Strong focus on interactive case-based group learning



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    Althea also offers a range of education, access and management services to support eligible patients and healthcare professionals in navigating medicinal cannabis treatment pathways.

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