Global Health Initiative


For the GHI Foundation to achieve its goals including public education about medicinal cannabis, providing an up-to-date Medicinal Cannabis Research Library and developing a Medicinal Cannabis Practitioner Directory, we need the financial support and generosity of those within our global community who, like us, seek to make the world a better, healthier place. The Global Health Initiative is a registered charity and welcomes donations.

Please contact CEO Dr. Professor Kylie O’Brien by email: [email protected] if you would like to make a donation and become a Global Health Initiative Benefactor.

Our Benefactors


Helping to support our growth.


Phoenix Life Sciences International

Founding Director and CEO of Phoenix Life Sciences International Martin Tindall was one of the founders of the GHI Foundation which was set up as a means of giving back to the world. As someone with great passion for medicinal cannabis education and its potential to help fight illness and improve wellbeing, and as someone who realizes that medicinal cannabis must be affordable and sustainable, Martin and his colleagues have donated almost USD $1 million to get GHI off the ground. His company will continue to support the mission of GHI which operates independently.